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CPCS Alumnus gets a big surprise at the White House

Former CPCS student and graduate of the Class of 2007, Caleb Campbell got the surprise of his life as he embarked on a tour of the White House the day after President Obama’s Inauguration. Unsuspecting members of the public thought they were going to just walk the same hallways as the Presidents have for years. Little did they know they were in for a big surprise. First Lady, Michelle, hinted as to what would happen next by this tweet,  One guest asked for and received a fist bump from the President, others were overcome with emotion, Caleb can be heard saying, “I’m about to freak out right now!”, the President replied, “Don’t freak out.”


Caleb recently worked for the Obama Campaign in Florida and was in Washington D.C for the Inauguration. If you want to watch the video and enjoy Caleb’s surprise, click here and advance to about 26:15.

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