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  Sites for 7  - 12 students 

    These sites are arranged alphabetically by subject heading, except for Reference.  If you need help with any of these sites or finding information, please come see or email Mrs. Miller. Please let me know if there is a site you would like to have considered for this page.


America' Web Sites for Teens This zippy and upbeat site has three main sections: Learning for Teens, Teen Issues, and Exploring the Internet.

CIA World Factbook 2009 This resource has up-to-date information on most countries of the world. There are great maps and lots and lots of statistics.

Consumer Education for Teens This site was developed by teens for teens to teach techniques for becoming wiser and better shoppers, including items like advice on joining music clubs, car buying, and school scholarships. 

High School Ace High School Ace is a free resource center for teens. It features subject guides, reference tools, news, puzzles, quizzes, and college information.

Information Please Online reference source which comes from Information Please print sources:  examples are The Information Please Almanac, The ESPN Information Please Sports Almanac, and The Information Please Kids Almanac. 

The Internet Public Library 

The Landmark Project Citation Machine Pick and click the source you used. Type in the bibliographic information. Click "make citations". Copy and paste the citation into your document and you are all set.

National Center for Education Statistics: Create a Graph Part of the Students' Classroom section, this site allows creation of five different types of graphs. So if you need to make a graph, click this link!

Occupational Outlook Handbook 

Omnibiography is the largest directory of biographies available on the Web containing information on more than 110,000 important people from antiquity to the present time.

Online Dictionaries 

Secondary Citation Maker Use this site, produced by the Oregon School Library Information System, to help you set up your works cited list (a bibliogrpahy). It is simple to use and will get it right every time as long as you have the information that is required.

World Wide Web Virtual Library 


Just for Fun

Just4Teens: Cool Sites The Mead Public Library in Sheboygan, WI has designed a great page for teens including Cool Sites.
Pulse A great site for teenagers with a little bit of everything and lots of teen appeal. There is information on music, relationships, health, teen rights, and things to read and do.
Ripley's Believe It or Not All kinds of weird and interesting stuff and some games.
Urband Legends Reference Page This great site has all sorts of interesting and weird information on urban legends, old wives tales, celebrity gossip, and strange facts.



Building Big This site looks at construction by the type of structure, bridges, dams, skyscrapers. It is based on the book by David Macaualy and the PBS television show.
SodaConstructor At this site you can create models from digital straws and then animate them, using your "engineering skills".



Metropolitan Museum of Art 

National Gallery of Art 


English/Langauge Arts/Literature

The Crucible:  Sites for use with Mrs. McKinley's 11th Grade English project

Biography of Arthur Miller

Biography of Joe McCarthy

CNN Perspectives: Episode 6: Reds 1947-1953

The Crucible Project at

Discovery Channel's Salem Witch Trials

National Geographic Interactive "Witchcraft Hysteria in Salem"

Salem Witchcraft Trials 1692 (Famous American Trials)

Tour of Salem

Witchcraft in Salem Village
Bartleby's Great Books Online
Lemony Snicket This site is based on the Unfortunate Events Series. Fans will love it.

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet 


Barry's Clip Art Server
HighSchoolHub is an online learning center for high school students. It features interactive learning games, puzzles, quizzes, all sorts of reference tools, and subject guides to most all courses offered in high schools.
ReadingRants!:Out of the Ordinary Books for Teens! "A website featuring out of the ordinary booklists for teens, has been an online presence since 1998. Written by Jennifer Hubert and designed by Andrew Mutch, Reading Rants has become a popular book review source for teenagers as well as their grown-ups." (from the web site)

Health, Fitness, and Safety

Kids' Lightning Information and Safety Tips 

Shape Up America! Here is information on promoting healthy living and physical activity and fitness, including meal plans, a fitness quiz, and assessments for fitness levels. 


Mathematics This site is fully interactive and allows users to sharpen basic math skills, play math-related games, and explore new math concepts.

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles

Internet Pizza Server 


The World of Music 


The Jigzone


Amusement Park Physics
Funderstanding Roller Coaster

Human Anatomy Online 

National Wildlife 

Nine Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System 

Sea World Includes facts and photos about many animals. 

Science Glop Gloop Recipes for flubber, glarch, and slime. :)

Sierra Club Critical Ecoregions 

The Wizard's Lab A tour of the world of physics. 


Social Studies

AncientSites An interactive site which features Egypt, Greece, Rome, and several other ancient civilizations. 

Annenberg Political Fact Check: Holding Politicians Accountable: Interesting facts about the candidates for 7th grade and above
CIA World Factbook 2002 Good source for information on countries of the world.


FirstGov The U.S. Government's web portal

HyperHistory Online World history is covered through the use of graphics, lifelines, maps, and timelines. 

Kids Web A digital library for kids which gives access to maps, information about the U.S. Government, and materials on a range of history topics. 

Library of Congress - The American Memory Collection

Secrets of the Lost Empires: Medieval Siege This site for upper elementary and middle school students has a lot of information about castles, life in Medieval times, and catapults as well as a couple interactive activities.

Smithsonian Institution Home Page 

United States Congress Online If you need to find information on one of your federal representatives, check here. Just type in your zip code and up they pop.
Women's History Resources This site divides its links into three main categories: megasites, mostly women in American history, and then resources in history outside the United States.


Last updated November 16, 2009


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